36: Take Ownership Through Reflection with Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury is the Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and host of the Onnit Podcast. He got this role by be relentless in his pursuit of physical, mental, and personal development. We explore the lessons we learned in 2017 and how we are going to use them to guide us in 2018. We talk about the importance of reflection, some of the most impactful books we read in 2017, as well as the takeaways from our psychedelic adventures over the past year. I’m extremely grateful for what Kyle has brought to my life and absolutely love when we get a chance to record together. Enjoy the show!

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35: Post Grad Problems with Dave, Dillon, and Will

The crew from Post Grad Problems have created a business out of sharing experience-based content. Their podcast, Touching Base, dives into the lives of post-grads and explores of the situations that we all find ourselves in from time to time. On this episode, we discuss the origin of PGP, how sharing experience with authenticity and transparency can create an impact, why open relationships seem like a shit show in reality, why the guys are scared of DMT and Ayahuasca, and we all share some misadventures involving excessive amounts of edible marijuana.

Check out what Will, Dillon, and Dave are up to on the Touching Base Podcast and at postgradproblems.com.

DYL2: The Energetic Audit

On Design Your Life episode 2, I'm diving into a fulfillment practice called "The Energetic Audit". This is the first practice I share when working with others on taking ownership of their life and the return on investment is HUGE. 

I talk through:

Creating awareness of your state throughout the day.

Taking action on what fuels you to create balance and present the best version of yourself in any situation.

Investing deeply in what fuels you.

34: Broken to Badass with Ella Kociuba

At the age of 12, Ella was involved in an accident that left her with a fractured spine… At the age of 18 she became a professional athlete… Along the way she faced an eating disorder that almost killed her. To say she has an amazing story is an understatement. If you’ve ever been faced with a challenge in life that require you to harden the fuck up, this is the show for you.

DYL1: Construct Your Own Reality

On Design Your Life #1, I dive into a question from a member of the Pleasure Monkey Online Community about creating our reality. This practice carries a lot of potentials and allows us to truly own our life experience.

The questions I explore are:

- What are your thoughts on constructing your own reality?

- How far ahead is necessary when we decide to beneficial for this process?

- Can we get too far ahead of ourselves?

- Do you have a personal example of creating an opportunity for yourself?

- What are some techniques and strategies that you use for creating?

To get involved with the Pleasure Monkey Community hit THIS THINK and request access. 


33: Sex, Relationships, and Threesome Tips with Allie Waddell

We all have sexual desires, but the ability to communicate and express them in a healthy way can cause some friction (and not the good kind). On this episode, Alli and I explore how we’ve learned to find sexual outlets that allow us to explore while maintaining balanced relationships with others and ourselves.

We dive into using sexuality as an avoidance strategy or a means of leverage, how self-awareness fuels a fulfilling sex life, and how to have a good threesome. It’s quite a show, my friends.

To see more from Alli Waddell, check out her website and Facebook page.


30: Compassion, Expectations, and Working In with Mike Salemi

After wrapping up this show, Mike and I looked at each other with a “what the hell just happened?” expression. We both agree that this is one of the most authentic and well articulated pieces or work that either of us have ever done. Mike showed up and allowed himself to be authentic, raw, and expressive while I held the intention to do the same.

We dive into the transition from working out to working in, what it means to be aligned and fulfilled by life, how to close the gap between expectation and reality, healthy masculine and feminine expression, our lessons and path with plant medicines, and so much more. This was truly an amazing experience and I’m beyond grateful to share it with all of you.

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